Fast Boat From Bali to Lombok

Lombok is an Island which is stay just in the east of Bali and It’s in West Nusa Tenggara province. Lombok divided into three main part West Lombok,Central Lombok and East Lombok. The Island offers lot of tourism attraction, in West Lombok there are Senggigi with the beautiful beach, Hotels ,Night Life, accessible to the shopping centre in Mataram, Malimbu (sightseeing),Monkey Forest (Baun Pusuk),  Narmada Water park, Sendang Gile Water fall and the  second highest mountain in Indonesia, Mt.Rinjani. In Central Lombok there are Kuta Beach with the beautiful white sandy beach and it’s a surfing point for the world class surfers, Sade (a traditional Village),Sukarara(hand weaving village). In East Lombok there are Benag Stokel water fall,Tete Batu beautiful with its natural and ricefield.

Getting to Lombok from Bali is not a difficult way, the best option is fast boats. There are fast boats offer daily departure from famous port in Bali, such as Sanur Beach ,Serangan,Padang Bai and Amed(see port Information).

There are two fast boats serve daily departure from Sanur(Bali); Scoot Fast Cruise and Bali Brio. From Bali(Serangan), there is Blue water Express, from Padang Bai (Bali),Marina,Wahana Gili Ocean,Semaya One, Gili Gili Fast Boat,Gili Cat,Ocean Star and from Amed is Kuda Hitam Express. provide all the ticket for the fast boats, please go to search box Book Your Fast Boat, choose the boat and follow the next step.

Some fast boats also have a direct service to the main tourism area in Lombok(Senggigi).  The boats offer daily departure from two main port in Bali, Sanur and Padang Bai. Here are legitimated Fast Boats From Bali to Lombok (Senggigi): Scoot Fast Cruises, depart  from Sanur via Nusa Lembongan and then Senggigi, Marina from Bali(Padang Bai) direct to Senggigi and Wahana Gili Ocean also serve direct service from Bali(Padang Bai) to Senggigi. While the other fast boats are landing at Teluk Nare(Ocean Star,Semaya and Gili Gili Fast Boat),Teluk Kodek(Blue Water Express and Gili Cat).

There are also other way to reach Lombok Island, first is take a public boat or ferry from Padang Bai to Lembar, then a bus from Lembar to Mataram or Senggigi. The ferry takes five hours to get toLombok(Lembar harbor), The second is take a flight from Bali(Ngurah rai Air Port ) to Lombok International Air Port at Peraya(Central Lombok) then take a taxi or private car to Senggigi or Mataram.

Blue water Express-Serangan-Teluk Kodek-Gili Islands.JPGMarina Srikandi-Padang Bai-Senggigi-Gili Isalands.jpgBlue Water Express Interior.jpgScoot Fast Cruise-Sanur-Nusa lembongan-Senggigi.JPGScoot Fast Cruise-Powered by 4X250hp Engine.JPGWahana Gili Ocean II-Padang Bai-Senggigi-Gili Isalands.jpgMarina Srikandi Interior.jpg

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